2018 - 2019 Grain Policy
Price Later All Grain: 10 cents per bushel for 60 days, 4.25 cents per bushel per month
Storage ALL GRAIN: minimum charge of 13 cents for the first 60 days, 4.25 cents per bushel per month thereafter. All grain on storage over 365 days will be charged a 13 cent minimum for the first 90 days and 4.25 cents per month thereafter.  Including insurance and conditioning.
Storage costs for Grain Bank: First 30 days free, 3 cents per bushel per month thereafter. Storage will be billed on dry bushels.
Corn Moisture:
  Price Later - 15%
  Storage - 14%
  Selling - 15%
  Grain Bank - 15%
Corn Drying:
3.75 cents per point
Drying charged on wet bushels
Subject to change based on fuel prices.
Corn Shrink:
1.5% shrink per point of moisture removed
Bean Moisture:
13.0 - 15 is 2% shrink for each 1 point of moisture over
15.1 and above is 3% per point for each point above prorated to the tenth (.1).
Soybeans delivered at 15.0 and under will be averaged.
Soybeans above 15.1 - 16.0 will be averaged on a separate lot.
All grain delivered will be applied to any purchase contracts with the balance being applied to storage after ten (10) days unless otherwise notified.
Damage Discount:
5 - 10% is 2 cents per point
Over 10% is 3 cents per point
FM Discount:
Over 3% is 3 cents per point
10 cents per bushel
10 cents per bushel
10 cents per bushel
Test Weight:
Under 54 - 52 is 2 cents per pound
51.9 - 50 is 3 cents per pound
Moisture will be averaged.
Musty, sour, weevily and sample-grade loads will stand on their own.
Distinctly low-quality corn or sample grade corn will be subject to rejection. 
Aflatoxin: 2 cents per point under 20 PPB. Anything over 20 PPB will NOT be accepted.